We wish to leave our environment in better condition for future generations. We believe in protecting the beautiful village of Clyde and its surrounding area which is why environmental sustainability and health considerations are important in shaping the way we plan, develop and operate the business.

We were delighted to be an early committer in 2018 to "The New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment". This covers Economic, Visitor, Host Community and Environmental Sustainability.

We have focused strongly upon the following:


  • We are committed to authentically restoring our beautiful stone buildings, providing them a means to generate a sustainable revenue to ensure their future preservation and protection. This is through use of best practice, and wide consultation, in conservation
  • We share our experiences with our guests - the history of the buildings and region, as well as the restoration, is shared with guests by way of books and photographic albums


  • We use energy and water-efficient equipment throughout the property and have installed quality insulation throughout our buildings
  • We installed a new fuel efficient diesel boiler, and have completely re-plumbed the property


  • We compost food waste and recycle where possible
  • We buy in bulk and use refillable and recyclable dispensers
  • We often buy second-hand, including many building materials used in our restoration
  • We manage our septic tank waste system and take care to minimise air pollution



  • We conserve water use in the garden and mulch all garden beds to retain moisture in the soil
  • We use water wisely with water-efficient equipment, and request guests be sparing with water 
  • We maintain our equipment to reduce water loss with a regular programme for plumbing maintenance


  • We support local businesses for supplies and trades work
  • We care about our local history and share this with our guests 
  • We enjoy being part of the community and are active members and contributors to local and regional groups
  • We contribute our front garden for many community events over the year and sponsor a number of sports, arts and community events
  • We aim to beautify our surroundings - we have redesigned our courtyard and planted native Central Otago drought-resistant trees and shrubs

Please read our detailed sustainability statement here.